Suddenly I can play Ahri again, and I don’t know why. Something clicked.

After my first three rank games (which were all losses lmao) I haven’t since then. It was a preeeetty long time ago, near when season started. So, played three today. 2 solo, one duo with Bdon (this game summary pictured here).. But I still have to play the rest 4 of my games to place. I’m so lazy ~_~

Just happy I’ve been doing okay with her. Although, it’s not like I’m playing against the best MMR anyways. Practice is good, my match history is literally all wins right now which always looks pretty.

And getting 1337 is always fun.

I’ve only mystery gifted once.

I MUST NOT SUCCUMB TO IT I MUST NOT SUCCUMB. It might addict me to no end. Did a four way trade with friends and got Pool Party Graves from Puppy. 

I just did some statistics. My champion pool is a bit small, so bear with me.

Chances of getting a skin for a champion I didn’t already have a skin with: 56.2%

Chances of getting a skin I wanted or wouldn’t mind getting: 23.3%

Chances of getting a skin worth 1350 or more: 8.76%

Chances of getting a Pool Party skin: 1.45%

Chances of getting Pool Party Graves: .73% 

So… YAY! :D

Yay also that I just totally wasted my time calculating that. 

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